This is our story

We met in the summer of 2007. We had finished school and were both working in the fashion industry. 

We immediately clicked over the common, shared experiences of this crazy fashion world and quickly started contemplating what it would be like to start our own clothing line. One that would be ours and truly representative of our way of thinking. 

Being from a new generation, we were aware all of the issues this industry was supporting.  Mass consumption, unattainable body standards, unethical practices and very little regard for quality and fit.  Mickey & I did not believe in this model!

With our combined 20 years of experience, we decided to offer a designer line that would be the opposite of this current model. We realized that by having full control of the process and eliminating all middle men, we could keep our overhead low and our quality high. Small made-to-order production lifecycles would allow our craftsmanship to stay our number one focus all while reducing waste.

Initially, our homes were our base of operations, the living room being our “pack and ship” and the dining room our “design studio.” We’ve since grown into a full operation with an incredibly talented in-house team. 

What we couldn’t have imagined is how much having our own production facility would change us. It’s no longer just Mickey & Jenny. We create our original pieces with our team, right here, every day.

It’s been a journey and we’ve stumbled a few times along the way, but it’s been a fun one and both Mickey and I have cherished every step.

Mickey & Jenny.

Our Design Studio


Mickey & Jenny


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